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Sage Bentley



"Wherever you go, you'll find creativity. Whether in the smallest of actions or an instance that sparks the most abundant bout of ideas. From that creativity comes the idea, and from that idea, a journey of trial and error. Until one day after learning and growing your techniques, you form a piece you held in your mind. Whether it's a: story, poem, song, a painting of mixed mediums, pencil to paper, a photo of the sky, or a video of your travels. There's beauty and creativity in everything. I believe we were created to create, to impact those around us with the talents and virtues we all have within ourselves. Virtues and thoughts that make us the person we are. To learn and grow to be a better version of ourselves from the day before. Everyday we grow, making life in itself is a unimaginable piece of art. We create memories as each day renews itself, facing challenges and opportunities we never thought would have to in our ventures. So in turn we grow and learn things we never thought we could've. Life's a mess at times, so what better to do than to reform it into it's own piece of art you can be proud of." 

- Sage Bentley

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